Christian Perkins

New Orleans, Louisiana

My current works correlate personal and societal aspirations of self-actualization with human dynamism. Most intriguing to me are multi-tiered levels of mentality that humans revisit through transgressions; depending upon a person’s hierarchy of needs. It’s an ongoing process; trying to understand the internal and external driving forces that push or pull us in directions that inevitably shape what we will become. Time has helped me discover much reasoning for the aspects of myself and those in my life both endeared and endured. This arduous life experience is visually reported from both an intimate and vicarious perspective. Although we are isolated by our autonomies, we are connected by our willingness to make the journey. It is this human endeavor that layers of acrylic, mixed media, collage assemblages, text, iconography and found objects, respectfully attempts to depict– through works ranging from introspective narratives to esoteric commentaries. The usage of a variety of media helps me broaden the gambit of communicative approaches with the viewer. Style remains incidental to the message.

A conceptualist and student of design, Christian Perkins is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana who currently resides in Houston, Texas. He attended De La Salle High School and later studied Advertising Art, at Prairie View A&M University. Although initial interests and pursuits dictated a career in graphic design, fine art has always been the artist’s true passion.