Lauran Perry English

League City, TexasPlacing seashell to ear, we have all listened for the magical voice of the ocean to guide or return us to a special place. Lauran Perry English is a returning native Gulf Coast resident, an emerging artist, artisan, and poet, who is enjoying the vibrant arts community here. She works in a number of mediums, including photography and digital art, poetry, and her original creation(s), “Seashell Seascrolls”©, in which emerging “Beach Chair Philosophy”© blends an ocean-oriented spirit with scrolls flowing from the natural beauty and wonder of seashells. A great appreciation for the simple elegance and the layered growth of the Nautilus is also emerging in her many lovely images of the shell, some including poetry. The Texas Hill Country, California coast, Yosemite and natural curiosities of everyday nature and beauty have also found their way into her photography, and writing.

Drawn by the natural beauty and wonder of the ocean’s waves, shoreline, and seashells, Lauran Perry English never tires of the stillness, and flow of individual and universal palettes, patterns, shallows and depths to be explored. Treading the waters between the tension and tranquility of natural art, fine art, poetry, and artful craft, continuing to treasure the emerging, unhurried flow of creativity, this is where Lauran reconnects, where shelter and invitation transform.