Alicia Boles

Galveston, Texas

Taking photographs has always been Alicia’s way of expressing herself; a camera’s flash and click has been her voice and inspiration for years and will be for years to come.” I’ve always loved looking at the world through the lens of a camera.” Working with images from her collection that wouldn’t necessarily make sense together, Alicia puts a unique spin on her art by blending these images together to form a new creation through a process of layering.Not only a photographer with a distinct view, Alicia has extended her creativeness to canvas, paint, wood and “whatever else I can get my hands on,”and uses several mediums including oils, acrylics, and mixed media.After leaving a career in aviation Alicia began working at Affaire d’art International Fine Art Gallery in January 2014 and became co-owner of the gallery with partner Nikki Thompson in May 2014. Alicia and Nikki are eager to grow and create their own legacy for Affaire d’art. “I was very excited to not only be a part of the gallery as an artist but I am so thrilled to now be a co-owner”.