Irene Amiet

Irene Amiet is a Field Representative for Global Vision International (GVI), and is a self-taught photographer with a marketing background.A native of Switzerland, Irene has lived in the Bermudas and in South Africa prior to moving to Galveston, Texas.She has been active as a research volunteer with Leatherback Turtles in Panama and participated in big cat density research in Limpopo, South Africa.Irene was marketing manager of the Eden Lodges in Limpopo before founding her own fine-art and commercial photography business in Galveston, Texas. Irene is also a free-lance writer and correspondent for local magazines.Her work has been featured in Africa Geographic and found space in National Geographic’s prestigious stock library as well as having been featured in an array of local press.Irene is an avid conservationist and hopes to bring the beauty of our planet to the heart of the people by means of her photography.

It is Irene’s goal that all her images portray moments in time that draw the viewer into the story as is told by nature infinitely. She believes that once mankind understands itself as part of the great system that nature is, the necessary respect for our planet’s fragility will be shown. And ultimately, the last of the world’s wildlife may be saved.

A photo has to tell a story.

The aim is to draw the viewer into a moment, into a scene. In order for a picture to be perfect it needs to catch the essence of a place and a time. Balance and frame, contrast and dimension are needed, but a photographer merely cuts a tiny piece out of the world’s canvas and tries it to be a canvas of its own.