Stacy Gresell

Cypress, Texas
I love objects with multiple personalities- recognizable things that change when incorporated in a piece of artwork. I see that in my art- where antiques and recycled or found objects suggest one thing while the image may suggest another. I love how the layering of encaustic wax reflects the light differently depending on your viewpoint- like water and glass do.I teach communication at a local community college where I encourage students to look at all sides of the story and I believe my artwork does the same. I am largely a self-taught encaustic painter and I enjoy thinking about the whole piece- the frames in my work, all handmade by me, are usually recycled from some former life and integral to the piece. I have experience with a wide range of artistic mediums: lampwork glass, stained glass, oil, acrylic & watercolor painting, jewelry making, silver smithing, sewing, and leather work… and they all end up in a painting at some point. I live and work with my family in Cypress, Texas.