Kristy Allmon

Houston, Texas
I received my first camera from my grandfather at age 12. My passion for photography began with the simple turning of a dial from sunshine to cloudy.Later, in high-school photojournalism, our instructor gave us a sheet of photographic paper and a shoebox with a pinhole. He asked us to create a “remarkable” image. I took a picture of a tree standing alone in a field. It was simple really: something I saw every day, but never really noticed. I learned that great photographs are made by the ability to see, not by using expensive equipment.Today, I am fortunate enough to have the fancy equipment and many of the gadgets and gizmos-and they do make the hunt for the perfect image easier. However, the perfect image is not about f-stops and high-dollar lenses. The passion begins when I see that I can capture a perspective that might otherwise go unseen.My signature style with Enchanted Photodesign offers a luminous, ethereal view of a widely diverse array of subjects, from personal portraits to hard-edged urban views, from wildflowers to vivid graffiti. Far more than a business name, Enchanted Photodesign describes my approach to photography itself, a highly characteristic expression of my worldview, which creates a unique and immediately recognizable body of work.