Barbara Harmer

Cleveland, Texas
The artist, Barbara Harmer, lived in Japan for 7 years. During that time, she studied the art form called “Chigirie” (Chee-gee-ree-ay), and is one of the few artists in America using this technique, which was brought to Japan by China in 610 AD. This unique art form consists of tearing and cutting handmade Japanese paper into pieces to form a picture onto artist’s canvas.Her paper is handmade and imported from Japan, and comes in many different weights, colors, and textures. Some papers have visible fibers that run throughout it, and some have holes forced through it during the pulp making process.

The only medium used is handmade paper, although some sea shells, coral fans or nets may be included, but they are always applied to handmade Japanese paper, and in the past has used Sumi or gold ink, Although it has the look of watercolor, acrylic, or oil paint, NO PAINT is used in creating the picture, thereby calling it “Painting With Paper”. All sides of the canvas are completely finished and wrapped with the paper making framing unnecessary, and when completed, it is sealed with clear acrylic or resin for protection. Lately, she has branched out into inks and resin on artist canvas.

Barbara has been featured in magazines in Texas and California, and Internationally in Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine. She has exhibited in numerous galleries in the Southeast, Texas area, has donated her art to various charities, and has won Special Recognition awards for her art.

Her art is displayed and enjoyed in Texas, Florida, Connecticut, California, Puerto Rico, The Caribbean, and Japan. She is available for commissions for custom orders and creations.