Patsy Lindamood

Huntsville, Texas

Consumed for years by her duties as CEO of a small credit union, Patsy did not embark upon a career as an artist until November 9, 2001. A “bank” holiday, shut indoors by inclement weather, Patsy spent her day, on a whim, attempting a color pencil rendition of the howling wolf screensaver that frequently cycled up on her laptop. An artist was “born” that day. A late starter as an artist, Patsy has sought out nationally and internationally recognized pastelists and wildlife artists with whom to do workshops as a means to rapidly enhance her mastery of painting techniques and to enrich her understanding of what constitutes compelling art. While she has taken away incredible insight and exciting new approaches to viewing the world of nature and of art from her experiences with each of one of her “artist heroes,” Patsy has emerged with a style uniquely her own, marked by strong, colorful, yet infinitely detailed compositions in a representational style. Patsy`s work derives from research and observation of creatures in their environments, in the wild whenever possible. Long hikes through wildlife refuges and extensive camping trips to state and national parks have provided great adventure and abundant inspiration.