Shelley O’Hara Plunkett

Vidor, Texas

I love to paint. I feel sometimes as though I were born with a brush in my hand. I love color and have always had a natural ability to put colors together in a way that doesn’t shock the eye but is still vibrant and exciting. Many times I have tried to “tone things down” to make a painting more “real” but it has never worked. Now I just go with what feels right and enjoy the process.
I don’t paint to an agenda or to make a political statement. I don’t paint to win contests or to become famous.  I just paint what I like and hopefully what others like also. The sea is a favorite subject, especially scenes from my native Northern California coast, but I will paint anything that inspires me. When I am in “the zo ne” I frequently forget to eat or drink anything. I usually make up for that oversight later when I realize that I am painting on “fumes.” Music fuels my creativity with epic soundtracks being my favorite music to paint by.
Some of my favorite artists are illustrators and painters of fantasy. Whimsy is also a genre’ that I find fun and it breaks up the sometimes monotonous progression of creating fine art. Some of my favorites illustrators/artists are Norman Rockwell, N.C. Wyeth, Howard Pyle, Vincent Van Gogh, Eyvand Earle, Mary Blair, Salvador Dali, Vladimir Orlovsky, and Mary Cassatt…but there are so many more! When my inspiration runs low I find that a trip to the beach will usually revive me.”
There are those who paint because they enjoy it as a hobby and there are those who paint not only for enjoyment but because they can’t “not paint.” I fit into that latter category.


Shelley O’Hara Plunkett was born and raised in the Sacramento, CA area until 2001 when she and her family moved to Texas. She has always considered herself a “born” artist and has been drawing and painting since she was old enough to hold a colored pencil. She comes from a family of ar ti sts, poets, and musicians that go back several generations. Shelley has won numerous competitions most notably a Best in Show at the county level and a 5th place in the “Best of the Best in Show” at the state level in California. Since her children have left the nest, she has recently gone back to full time painting. Her favorite subject is the sea which is why she and her husband plan to move to Galveston TX in the near future. They now reside in the Beaumont, TX area.