Intention Catcher Workshop

Sunday January 8th was a great day to set intentions for 2017. The Gallery was filled with good vibes from the start. Dante and his mother Kasey helped Rachel Stokes C.P.C. charge our work area with positive energy.

Fourteen participants got to watch as Negative Nancy tried to make and keep her New Year’s resolutions. They soon learned that Negative Nancy was going about it wrong. Rachel explained that resolutions are based on actions and intentions are based on feelings. Nancy made resolutions for the year that did not align with her most important priorities in her life. She was also too focused on the reward or the big grand prize that she didn’t enjoy the journey along the way.

In this active workshop we learned the proper steps to take when setting intentions based on how we want to feel in 2017. Each participant took what they learned and made a colorful intention catcher to take home with them. At the end of the workshop balloons that had been filled with negative energy were popped and confetti and success flew through the air…a great time was had by all!

Happy, fun and Grateful, Rachel Stokes is a professional life coach who teaches Gratitude as a technique for conquering fears, overcoming obstacles, and creating a full and happy life. Having worked with children in the public school system and after spending many years working as a patient advocate in a chemotherapy unit, Rachel witnessed first-hand the difference attitude and Gratitude can make in someone’s life.

As an artist, Rachel developed different types of expressive art workshops. She has helped many people overcome difficulties, create a vision, heal and move forward to find their True Authentic Self. Teaching gratitude and combining that with her artistic passion, Rachel developed the Receive Love Share project which gained national attention and has spread worldwide. Rachel now leads gratitude workshops as well as other inspirational and transformational workshops for small groups of individuals and for businesses. She also works side by side with individuals to help them identify and achieve goals and focus on a vibrant, purposeful and fun life.

Rachel’s toolbox is full of new and innovative approaches to dealing with life’s issues and challenges. Whether you want to turn your whole life around, conquer a specific fear, or just release a negative thought, Rachel will help you create the life you want by helping you to choose happiness.

Positive thinker Rachel Stokes offers a unique approach to coaching with a fresh and fun perspective to help you live your life the happy way!

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