“Galveston Selfie, Look Where I am” – Stacy Gresell

Ever wonder what an artist was thinking, planning, visioning when they were creating a piece of work? Most pieces of art have a story and we wanted to share these great narratives with you!

This week we asked encaustic artist Stacy Gresell to share her tale with us!

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The best paintings for me have always come from a spark. That moment where I suddenly remember a special material, see a relationship between objects or find a way to convey a moment that I hadn’t before.

Recently I was headed home from Galveston, a city I love, when I decided to find a Starbucks, a coffee I love, before I hit the road. I got my coffee and a warm croissant and headed back to 45 down 61st street. I’m distracted by the gorgeous water views on both sides when my thoughts become hard to ignore “Stacy!  Pull over!  Take 5 minutes & enjoy your breakfast. You don’t have views like this at home!” So I pulled into an empty bait station and sat down at a picnic table, took in the view and had the best cup of coffee I’ve had in a while. I took this photo and texted it to my husband. He replies. “U suck” I laughed. I sat & listened to the birds, traced the initials carved into the table and enjoyed those 8 minutes thoroughly.

Later, when I hit the studio I dug up that text. In my memories of that moment, the coffee was vivid; tasted so much better than usual against the soft blur of the ocean so in my artistic interpretation, the cup and table are crystal clear with the water view soft in the background. And of course my signature… is carved into the table :)

“Galveston Selfie, Look Where I Am” 17×24 Encaustic $250