“Lensed Western Creatures” – Kimberly Schwarzkopf

We recently asked in house artist Kimberly Schwarzkopf to tell us a little bit about some of the art that she is currently working on and this is what she had to say:


“These paintings are parts of my “Lensed Western Creatures” series, where I depict natural western animals that typically get a bad rap.¬†¬†Commonly rejected and scorned, they are forced to the shadows to live their fascinating and adventurous lives. I hope through depicting them with lenses, that humanity is the one that gains greater insight into their beauty and unique quality to our amazing environment.”


Kimberly plans on continuing her “Lensed Western Creatures” series and recently dropped off a new piece to the gallery! Stop in and check it out, it is titled “Glassed Gecko”


Kimberly Schwarzkopf_Attuned Raccoon Kimberly Schwarzkopf_Awesome Opossums Kimberly Schwarzkopf_Fat Bat Kimberly Schwarzkopf_Punk Skunk