Encaustic Workshop with Stacy Gresell – October 15th 10am-2pm

Encaustic Workshop

Learn encaustic painting!

Encaustic painting is one of the world’s most ancient artistic mediums with several surviving portraits over 2000 years old. It surfaced in Ancient Greece which is where its name originates-Greek word “enkaustikos” means “to burn in. Pigmented beeswax is fused layer by layer with a heat gun or torch to build rich paintings with depth and texture.

This introductory workshop is open to all skill levels.

We will cover materials: substrates, paint, tools, recipes and oddities, as well a basic application technique: base layer, cold wax application & blended.

We will learn some advanced techniques as well including incorporation of images (burnished and embedded), reductions, and various forms of encaustic intarsia.

Participants should bring a notebook for sketches & notes, images they want to work with (those from a printer should be laser not ink jet) and a soup spoon.

Cost is $120 per person plus $30 for supplies. You will leave with your practice board and a finished painting (both will be 8×8) as well as some beginner tools.

SPACE IS VERY LIMITED! Please email us at affairedart@yahoo.com or call (409) 789-0079 to register.

*please specify on whether you’d like to use a torch or heat gun during the workshop (you’ll have a chance to try both)