Catherine Gauché

Houston, Texas

Catherine was born in the small seaside town of Knysna, South Africa in 1981. She studied at Stellenbosch University where she completed a BA of Fine Arts, Applied Graphics in 2005 and an MPhil in Illustration in 2009. She worked predominantly as an illustrator until 2015, when she made the decision to shift her focus to the world of fine art. She is now known for her large, expressive portrait and floral paintings, which she creates from her home studio in Houston, Texas. Catherine lives here with her young daughters, Eva and Lily, husband, Deon and mother, Hester. Catherine is inspired by color, nature, decorative pattern, unique aspects in the forms of individuals and the all-important play of light and shadow. Her paintings are smooth in parts and textured in others, painterly yet loose, sometimes streaked with color but simultaneously clean and focussed. Working mostly by commission, never compromising on quality, she believes that each piece should be both portfolio worthy and meet the expectations of her clients. There is a trust involved in creating artwork for individuals. For her it is a personal, intimate and perceptive process. An interior designer’s dream, Catherine’s paintings would serve as a valuable addition to any contemporary space, large or small.