Heather Jones Taylor

Houston, Texas

With a few of her favorite Schmincke watercolors on the palette, Heather Jones Taylor bathes her wet brush into Maigrün (May green) and begins pushing the color across the canvas. Taylor confesses that she’s an emotional painter, describing her artistic methods as therapy. With the fusion of Prussian blue, she pushes her heart across the paper to form the breasts of what is seemingly a woman, and dabs a bit of lemon to the torso, infusing her soul into the piece.

Specializing in abstract nudes, Taylor’s watercolor paintings are known for bold strokes that take a vulnerable shape. Her work is inspired by surgesof emotions, expressed on canvas to paint images of joy, loss or passion.

Heather Jones Taylor is a professional artist, writer and creative consultant. After a decade of managing and promoting celebrities that included, Jermaine Jackson, Kiera Chaplin and Flavor Flav, she left Hollywood, bound for Houston, to pursue her own dreams.

“I had a blast working red carpets, meeting big wigs, and flying around the world with my clients,” said Taylor. “But I also worked seven days a week, which left little time for me. I wanted to express my own creativity, so I pivoted and embraced a new way of life.”

Since 2012, Heather has consulted and produced for an impressive list of clients in Houston including, Chevron, NRG and Memorial Hermann. Her creative work has garnered many awards, including an ADDY from the American Advertising Association.

Heather’s paintings have been featured at the Aurora Gallery in the Heights, Hardy & Nance, and at the Miami River Art Fair during Art Basel. She is also known for her whimsical “birds with words” series, which debuted at the Proletariat Gallery in Galveston and sold out in the first hour.

In addition to her creative work, Heather Jones Taylor volunteers for the Victory Fund, Montrose Center, and HomeAid Houston. She resides in the Montrose area of Houston with her two dogs.