Alexandra Quevedo

Houston, Texas

Born in Monterrey, NL, Mexico, art has been in my family for many generations. My great uncle, Raul Acevedo, was a famous artist in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Art runs through my veins. As a child, I loved drawing and painting portraits for my family and friends. At the age of 8, I drew paper dolls and sold them to my schoolmates. A school nun, who prohibited me from selling my artwork cut this part of the art career short. Despite, my early set back. My passion for drawing and painting thrived unabated. At the age of 13, I attended boarding school in Switzerland where I studied French, music, and art. Returning to Mexico, I continued to refine my art skills by attending both private and group lessons. Graduated from University of Houston with a degree in Fine Arts.

An artist’s influences
In 1992, I moved to Houston, Texas and enrolled in the Art Institute of Houston. I discovered the beauty of watercolor through my first mentor, the great watercolor artist, David Hickman. I sold my first painting that year. Next mentor was well-respected local artist David Adickes. In 1996,I apprenticed with him while he created the heads of presidents sculpture project. I also attended workshops with admired sculptor Willy Wang and credits him with my inspiration to hone my skills in rendering the finer elements of the human face in portraiture.